Paying for your care

Paying for your care

​When people plan for their future they often forget to consider what will happen if they are not longer able to look after themselves and require care. Whether you decide you want to go into a care home or remain living in your own home, Plym Legal Services can advise you the best way to plan paying for your future care or assist you in planning for a loved ones care.

Current Legislation

The Care Act 2014 and previous legislation permit local authorities to be able to charge for the community care services that they provide. Each person needing care is now means tested to see if they are able to receive assistance paying for their care or have to contribute towards the cost of their care.

  • ​For those with capital in excess of £23,250 you are classed by the Government as being able to fund your own care whether this is at home or in a care home.
  • For those with capital between £14,250 and £23,250 a care home placement from social services would be means-tested. Once your capital reduces to £14,250 you would not have to make a financial contribution from your capital; you will still have to make a contribution from your income.
  • There are some types of care and support that cannot be charged for such as NHS Continuing Healthcare, Intermediate Care, community equipment (aids and adaptations) costing less than £1000 and those provided under s117 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

​Taking legal advice now from specialists in Elder Care such as Sharon Lamerton at Plym Legal Services, will empower you to make you own choices and make sure that you financially prepared.

For further advice about what you may need to pay please contact us or call us on 01752 905033.


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