Community Care

Community Care

Some circumstances make it difficult to live completely independently such as age, illness or a disability, however remaining independent is important.

Community care is the provision of vital services and funding to help vulnerable individuals to stay living at home, providing services such as domiciliary care or adaptations to your home such as a stair life or wet room.

However in recent years obtaining community care services funding has become increasingly more difficult. Furthermore, often the assessments or care plans are not completed fully or lawfully.

Plym Legal Services specialise in Community Care. We believe that everyone is entitled to the right care and support they need whether that is in their own homes or in a care home. We can help you make the right choices with a clear understanding of the Community Care system and your entitlement.

Already receiving Community Care but feel that it has been wrongly assessed? We are able to advise and help you to identify any problems that you may have experienced when being assessed or when your care plan was completed. If an assessment or care plan has been wrongly completed this can effect how much you are entitled to for care and support. With 18 years experience we can help you get the most out of your Community Care package and ensure that your or your loved one remain independent.

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