Care Act information gaps.

Do you know what an assessment is or how to get one? Do you know what type of information you should be receiving from your local authority?

Independent Age research finds councils failing to meet Care Act requirements on information and advice and top-up agreements.

Section 3 of the Care Act requires councils to provide an information and advice service, with information on the local care and support system, including assessment and eligibility; the choice of services locally; how to access care; how to access independent financial advice, and how to report abuse concerns. This should be provided through a variety of channels, including councils’ websites.

An Independent Age-commissioned review of all local authority websites in England, conducted in July 2015, found that 70% did not have information on all the areas required by the Care Act, and that 23% did not have up-to-date information on assessments and eligibility. One in seven councils did not provide information for carers, including their right to an assessment if it appeared that they may have current or future needs for support.

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